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China Supplier For Spy Shops Products Power Bank Hidden Cameras 1080P HD Night vision 5000mah Power bank Hidden Spy Camera Video recorder


1080P HD Night vision 5000mah Power bank Hidden Spy Camera Video recorder
1080P HD Night vision 5000mah Power bank Hidden Spy Camera Video recorder

1080P HD Night vision 5000mah Power bank Hidden Spy Camera Video recorder

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Product Description

Product feature

1. concealed

2. Large capacity battery

3. The simple one-button operation

4.can be used while charging 

5. night vision function

6. slim. easy to carry

Structure Representation


1. Hold The operation button" for 3 seconds and release the key after the red light appears, red light flash once and then long bright, indicating TF card  has been detected, and it will enter the standby state.If Red and blue lights flashes 10 times then off, indicating there is no card or a card is not detected.If Red and blue lights flashing five times and then turns off, it means there is not enough storage in the micro sd card.Red and blue lights flash alternately three times and then turns off, means the battery power is low, then it needs be recharge.

Taking photos

In standby mode. short press "1. The operation button". a red light flashes, indicating a successful photo shoot and saved to TF card.


In standby mode, press " operation key" for 2 seconds until the red light starts flashing and then release. after three flashes. red lights the product to start recording ......

  (Note: after the red light flashes three times you should release the key: If you continue to hold down the button and do not release ,the product will not start recording. but will immediately shut down)

   During recording, press " the operation button" for 3 seconds, the product will stop recording and save the video file into standby mode.Video files are saved every 20 minutes. and then automatically record a new video. If the video file  cant be opened, or it is of poor quality, you need to replace the micro sd card with a better one .Standby mode. standby automatic shutdown after 1 minute.

Night Vision

During recording. short press "1. The operation button", infrared night vision lights turned on.then a short press the "1. The operation button", infrared night vision lights off

Shut down

In standby "1 operation key"  until after the red light flashes five times. and then release the button off the product. (Note: Flashing three times indicates that the product is recording)


Using the data cable connection. "6. Charging Interface" connect a computer or other 5V charger.It can  take about 3 to 6 hours for it to be full(Note: 6 2.USB charging port and data port connection can not be universal)

Through charging record

While charging,the way to record is the same as whn you are not charging it

Fix time

This product has audio and video recording function and time synchronization, adjustment of  time can be modified to suit your  requirements.Specific operations are as follows: After the product is turned, in the root directory of TF card, automatically create a text file named time.txt of Contents of the documents: 2011-05-01 23:59:59, the user can modify the date and time in this format and save the file.

When turned on again, this time the product will read this and save it to the product. Whether after startup and shutdown, the product will be automatic timing.

Related parameters

pixel 5 million pixels

Video Resolution 1920*1080P

Video Format AVI

Frame Rate 30fps

view angle 90°

Night vision distance 5 mp

Picture format JPG 4032*3024

battery capacity 5000 mAp

Recording time  + -  15 hours

Memory use 6GB/hour

Charging time 3~6 hours

Memory card Micro SD card

Support memory 32GB

Low Lux 1LUX

charging voltage DC—5V

Operating System XP/Visat32/Win7

USB interface USB1.1/2.0

 Operating Temperature -10-60℃

humidity 15-85%RH

battery lithium battery

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