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Home Products Security System RF Signal Detectors G318 Wireless RF signal detector CDMA signal Detector high sensitivity Bug detect hidden Camera lens/ GPS locator /Bugging Device Finder


G318 Wireless RF signal detector CDMA signal Detector high sensitivity Bug detect hidden Camera lens/ GPS locator /Bugging Device Finder
G318 Wireless RF signal detector CDMA signal Detector high sensitivity Bug detect hidden Camera lens/ GPS locator /Bugging Device Finder

G318 Wireless RF signal detector CDMA signal Detector high sensitivity Bug detect hidden Camera lens/ GPS locator /Bugging Device Finder

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Product Description

G318 adopt the advanced technologyof germany,is used for kinds of Bug ,car tracker,Wireless pinhole camera,Mobile phone undercover software,instrumentfor Casino scam and so on.The function can meet Military/police surveillance.Itcan detect Electrical source,so will prevent you and your family from thedamage of Electromagnetic radiation.It adopts digital receiving mode,the difference from otherdetectors,one is widen the detection frequency domain,avoid the disturbancefrom clutter signal of life.second isimproved the sensitivity,the advange is that no matter how strong signaltransmitting,can easily locate it by adjusting knob.So it is the most advancedportable wireless signal detection equipment.The normal wireless detector cannot detect CDMA signal,if you dial it via China Telecom,the normal detectornever alarm,because CDMAmobile phone agreement was invented by the U.S. Military,it is a radiofrequency hopping technology,was called code division multiple access,it ishard to detect,the reason is the small of transmitted power.So G318 is the canaccurately identify the CDMA mobile communication protocol of monitoringequipment.

main feature

★Professional radio detection device,high sensitivity ,adjustable threshold ,large range of frequency detection

★Easy to use(only switch+sensitivity knob),Sound andlight alarm indicator,accurate and reliable

★can detect Mobile, unicom, telecom,2G.3G.4G Cardfor bugs and locator

★can detect High-speed upload GPS locatorpacket locator

★can detect 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera

★can detect hidden 5.8GHZ wireless camera andWireless eavesdropping

Technique Data

★Frequency Range:1MHz-8000MHz

★detecting the dynamic range:>73Db

★detection sensitivity:≤0.03mw(main frequency)

Detect range:

2.4GHz wireless camera: 15㎡ (standard 10mW camera)

1.2GHz wireless camera: 10 ㎡ (standard 10mWcamera)

Moblie:2G,3G,4G: 10㎡

★Indicating:9level LED Luminousinstructions/modulation sound instructions

★Power:built-in 3.7 V800mAH lithium polymerbattery

Working current :60mAworking time:10-15 hours

★Material:aluminum alloyweight:160g


Equipment isfor handheld,Top left is for the antenna,the middle is charging DC port,rightis the sensitivity adjustment knob.Clockwise to strengthen,Counterclockwise to reducesensitivity.

The middle is10 level led,From the left the first one is chargeindicator,will light when charging,the lightwill out when full of charge.The second is for power switch indicator,willextinguish when power is not enough.The third to tenth is for Detectioninstructions,a signal from weak to strong,if all lights flash,will produce"beep" sound,the sound is more urgent,the signal ismore strong.On the right the round button is power switch.


Turn switchon(button up),second led lights,means power to work normally.Turn theknob clockwise to the largest, enter standby mode.If receiving strongerenvironmental signal,then adjust the rotary knob back,the light flash not morethan the fifth light.

·Signal is full,sound beep".Thesignal is more strong,the sound will be more rapid.

·when light bars are fulland bright,the sound is more rapid,means it is near to the target.If we adjustthe rotary knob back when the signal is strong,so it is easy to find the targetobject.

·Due to high sensitivity,sowe can receive the signal from Mobile phone base stations, televisionbroadcasting station on the road.If you want to find car GPS,pls drive it tothe place with weak signal,also pls set the equipment of communication asairplane mode,then the detector can work.If there is no target in the room,butthe detector will alarm at times,the possible will be:1)Your own communication equipment willmatch code with base stationin timing and automatic. 2)the target is near to the room,maybein another room,or somebody called in another room.3)Too close with the wireless router

1,Whether car or office is be installed wireless bugs or locationtracking

Whether your cellphone is eavesdropping orabnormal(transmit whencellphone in stand-by mode without any reason)
3,Whether there is thebase station radiation around your working environment and residential buildings.
4,SMS send and receivesignals, mobile Internet, mobile phones switch and on phone
5,Detect the wirelessnetwork signals, mobile phone base stations and wireless monitoring system

2,6,Whether do the harm to human body once Household appliances such asmicrowave ovens for leaks
7,Whether there is a suspicious wireless signals in theenvironment

8,Used for the hotel, the bathroom, hotel, entertainment, lockerroom or political authority, etc
9,Used for business negotiation, the school administers, factories,military facilities
10,Mahjong table coincidence withthe action of radio waves
11.Used for Mortgage cars, used cars, pawnshops, guarantee companies, smallgeneration company, information financial companies, etc

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