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RF Signal Detectors,Camera Radio Bug Detector,Cheap Wholesale
RF Signal Detectors,Camera Radio Bug Detector,Cheap Wholesale

RF Signal Detectors,Camera Radio Bug Detector,Cheap Wholesale

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Product Description

1) This device applies with fuzzy scanning technology to detect spy cameras,bugs,cellular phones and other radio frequency devices. 
2) This device surely avoids being peeped or tapped to protect privacy or protect information from being disclosed secretly 
3) This new model applies digit(numeric)display to show the sensitivity level. with up and down buttons,user knows the sensitivity setting directly. 
4) Vibration mode 
5) Silent detection: Two kinds of silent detection 
- Change to vibration mode 
- Use earphone 
6) Wired camera detection 
* Features 
1) Wired/RF(wireless)switch 
2) Easy setting for suitable benchmark. 
3) Gain longer detecting distance in low noise environment 
4) Confusion free with factory default benchmark 
5) Battery low warning 

* Specification 
1) Detecting frequency: 50 MHz-6.0GHz 
2) Weight: about 200g 
3) Power: 12v DC 1A switching power adaptor 
- Built in rechargeable battery pack 
4) Battery life: continuous for 2.5 days after full charge 
5) Sensitivity tuner: Adjust detecting distance to find signal source 
- Eliminate the environment interference. 
6) Detecting distance: 
- 2.4GHz wireless camera: about 35 feet (regular 10mW camera) 
- 1.2 GHz wireless camera: about 40 feet (regular 10mW camera) 
- 2G cellular phone: about 50 feet (set at analog) 
- Wired camera: about 15 feet 
7) Warning mode: 
- Beep alarm sound 
- LED indication 
- Vibration 
- Earphone silent detection 
8) Size: 140x70x25mm 
* Note: specifications many change without notice

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